I really don’t own a single suit anymore that is worthwhile. Everything either doesn’t fit right anymore or isn’t in great shape or both. So, since Banana Republic is having 40% your entire purchase right now (code:BRCLUE40), and they sell suits in tall, I ordered this jacket and this dress. Suits always seem like a boring thing to spend money on, but I think I will actually wear these items separately as well. Fingers crossed it looks good when I get it in the mail!

The Limited is doing its semi-annual suit event, where you get $100 off of a suit. I am very temped by this navy tweed suit, it is different and more fashionable than a traditional suit, but still professional. I think it’d be great to wear in the summer with brown or nude pumps (definitely not the shoes that are pictured with it, I am not a fan). With the discount, the entire suit is $119.

Suits on the Cheap

This case I am doing right now has been really testing my suit wardrobe, but hey, at least i am getting use out of them! Most people look so shocked when they learn I haven’t ever paid over $200 for a suit. But I think the key thing is that I am not buying suits from Wal-Mart or something on clearance from the junior’s rack or whatever. I am buying nice, high-quality suits that are worth $300-$800 that I just got a great deal on. In case anyone is looking for good deals on suits, here’s where mine have come from:

LOFT – I have purchased two three-piece suits from LOFT now, both were under $200 for all three pieces, because I waited to buy them until LOFT was doing a big 40% off your entire purchase sort of thing. I know suits aren’t always the most exciting thing to buy, but think about them when you see great sales like that!

Ann Taylor Outlet – I have a suit I love that is black but with white piping on the skirt and jacket pockets, it’s different enough to make me feel like it has some style to it, and it fits so well. Since it was at the outlets, I got a great deal on it!

TJ Maxx – I just got a Tahari suit there last week for $79.99 for what would normally be a $300+ suit. And the pants fit me amazingly, are plenty long enough, etc., even though they aren’t officially “tall” pants. TJ Maxx, at least the one near me, has a pretty solid selection of suits from Calvin Klein and Tahari.

Filene’s Basement – This is where I got an $800 Ellen Tracy skirt suit for $150. Just as with TJ Maxx, I feel like they have a pretty good suit selection from nice brands for really great prices.

Obviously I am sure I will one day get an actual custom suit made and all, but I have been suprised that I’ve been able to find some great fitting and stylish ones off the rack.

My suit wardrobe is still lacking, and the last suit I tried to buy from Macy’s didn’t work at all. Today all my suits were at the dry cleaners and so I had to just wear black pants and a jacket that are not from a suit set, not to mention the jacket is from forever ago and not the greatest.

So I am going back to my fave store, LOFT, since I already own 2 of their suits that fit great. I ordered the dark gray jacket, skirt and pants from their “City Classic” suit set and I am hoping this looks good on me – it was only $186 for all three items (I got 25% off with the code “25EBATES”, 3% cash back on the purchase by buying through Ebates, and free shipping)