PSA: If there’s any purchases you’ve been mulling over at Nordstrom, JC Penney, Sephora, Piperlime, Ulta, Macy’s or any of these other stores, now is the time!! You will get 15% (!!) cash back with Ebates (click through to join if you’re not already a member). The deal at Nordstrom is for today only.

Free Money!

I know that everyone here on Tumblr is already pretty well versed in how to get a good deal online, but I wanted to just share all the sites I love to put some extra cash in your wallet, while also buying some really cute stuff:

1. Ebates – If you aren’t already signed up for Ebates, stop reading this post and do it now. I have literally gotten hundreds of dollars of cash back from them, just for buying things online. You just have to remember to go through Ebates first when you are about to make a purchase somewhere!

2. Plink– If you love Ebates, you’ll love Plink (it’s basically Ebates, but for “offline” purchases – and you get gift certificates instead of cash). You just need to sign up for the site and link the credit card that you use regularly to a select number of retailers you go to frequently. Every time you spend money at those retailers with that credit card, you get Plink points. You can turn your Plink points into gift certificates at a ton of different places, including I have received and used Plink certificates, so I promise it works!

3. Retail Me Not– I always double check Retail Me Not before buying anything online, just to make sure there isn’t a coupon code I missed. They tend to have codes that you may not find on Ebates.

4. Freeflys – Well, this site doesn’t give you free money, but it does give you free stuff. Freeflys will send you e-mails that consolidate all kinds of different offers from companys for samples or coupons for free products. It’s always fun to get free stuff in the mail, and I’ve never had to pay for S&H for any item I’ve gotten from Freeflys.

And for what it’s worth, I know absolutely every retailer in the world wants you to sign up for some kind of “rewards” card with them. The ones that I think are actually worthwhile that I use all the time are CVS Rewards and DSW Rewards. You never have to have the physical card, and both regularly give you gift certificates to the retailers that don’t require a minimum purchase. 

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program is also worth signing up for (it is free and all), though to me it feels like it takes awhile to build up points just to get small samples of their products.

If anyone has other great links to share to get free money and free stuff, let me know!

Ebates now has 12% cash back at DSW – this is only for a limited time, in celebration of Ebates’ 12th anniversary. And you also can get free shipping on any $35+ order at DSW with the code SHIPR.

If you aren’t already a member, click through to join Ebates. They also have 12% cash back this week at: Sephora, Old Navy, Banana Republic and JC Penney!