Where Can I Find: Matching Family Pajamas (2020 Edition)

I do this post every year because I know so many of you love Christmas PJs, and especially love to match your partner, your kids or even your pets!

  1. Target has tons of options, as per usual – and their prices range from $10 – $25 for each pair of pajamas. You can click here to see all the options available, and here are some of the styles they are carrying this year:

2. Old Navy: Old Navy also has a lot of affordable options, and all of them can be found here. Right now their family matching PJs are 40% off, meaning even the adult PJs are below $25. Below are some of my favorite styles:

3. Hanna Andersson – Hanna’s Christmas PJs are definitely on the more expensive side, but they last (my 3yo is currently wearing hand-me down santa pjs from my 7yo, and they still look great!). I have also purchased the women’s pants before and love them. (Also, the kids PJs are on sale right now for $29!)

Click here to see all of their PJs, and below are some of my favorites:

4. Carter’s: So far, Carter’s just has two patterns for family matching pajamas, but I really love the Santa print ones that come in both a green background and a pink background:

5. Land’s End: I did not realize they sold family matching PJs at Land’s End, but they have some cute options! They have a lot of classic plaid PJs sets, as well as a sloth pattern and a dog pattern. Prices range from $20 – $45.

6. Kohl’s – Similar to Target, Kohl’s has a number of options that won’t break your budget – and Lauren Conrad even designed some for her Kohl’s line! You can see all the options here, and below are some of my favorites:

7. JC Penney: You can see all of the options here (including reindeer onesies!), and below are a couple of my favorites:

They are also selling family matching PJs at: Children’s Place, Pottery Barn Kids and Sleepyheads.

*This post contains affiliate links. I will be given a small commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of my links. All affiliate link money will be donated to charity.

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