Things I am Loving Lately: The Perfect Shorts to Wear Under Dresses!

It’s almost embarrassing how many pairs of slip shorts/bicycle shorts/Spanx that I have bought in hopes of finding the *perfect thing* to wear under dresses in the summer.  I want something that prevents chub rub and holds my stomach in, without actually being tight/compression material. I am not looking to “flatten my stomach” – I just want something that covers it and doesn’t slip down or roll up at every turn.

(For reference, I have tried Spanx shorts, drug-store versions and Target versions of Spanx, Jockey boy shorts, the Hanes slip shorts, and just regular boy-short style underwear).

The winner? These Knix Thigh-Saver Slip Shorts! They are insanely comfortable and feel like I am not wearing anything – and for once, I am not constantly tugging at my shorts because they are rolling up, falling down, have a band that is too tight, etc.  They prevent chub rub, they cover my stomach, and I finally don’t have to worry about what in the world to wear under a dress today.  (They come in Black or Nude, I ordered an XL but I think a L would have worked well too).


They are definitely expensive ($36), but I truly think they are worth it.  Also, if you sign up as a new customer, you can get a code for 10% off your first order – and you can always check Retail Me Not to see if an even better code is out there.


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