Deal of the Day: My Favorite Bralette for Under $25!

If you don’t want to talk about bras and boobs, you can just skip this post 🤷‍♀️. For me I HATE underwire and just refuse to buy any bras with it anymore. I’m always looking for a really great “lounge bra” that is supportive but also very comfortable.

This Wishlist bralette is a dupe of this Free People bralette, except actually better because it has more lining/padding.

I own two of these and can attest that they are 1. Supportive 2. Comfortable and 3. Actually lined enough that you aren’t going to see your nipples through your shirt (TMI? I told you we were going to talk about boobs). I am a 38D and wear the Large.

Royal & Reese is restocking this bralette at 10AM Eastern tomorrow for $24 in seven colors (just go here or click on New Arrivals). It will definitely sell out so grab yours! You can also find it here (search “Wishlist bralette” to see all listings) and here.

*They are a Deal of the Day so no discounts apply, no codes needed! This is not sponsored, I just love these bralettes! The Free People bralette link is an affiliate link.

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