Target Try-On: Swimsuit Edition

Yes. Swimsuits. In January! I tried these on on a whim because every January I do the same thing – I see the display of swimsuits and think “Uh I can’t even imagine putting on a swimsuit right after the holidays! I’ll buy it as my ‘goal swimsuit’ for later.” But I’m done with that – yes, I’m continuing to work on my health and fitness in 2019. But my body is worthy of love and respect now – all bodies are bikini bodies after all.

*This post contains affiliate links. I will be given a small commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of my links.

Swimsuit – $39.99 (wearing an XL)

Sunglasses – $12.99

Sandals – $3.99

Swimsuit – $34.99 (wearing an XL)

Bikini Top; Bikini Bottom (wearing XL in both)

Navy/White Coverup – $22.99 (also comes in white)

Black Lace Coverup – $22.99 (also comes in white)

And here are some more cute suits I spotted in the store:

Aloha One Piece – $19.99

Kona Sol One Piece – $34.99

Black One Piece – $29.99

*ETA: Here are 3 more suits I ordered online to try on at home:

Kona Sol Crochet Black Suit – $39.99. This is an XL and I thought fit very well though a little extra length in the torso would have been helpful. I thought it was surprisingly supportive on my chest.

Kona Sol Long Torso Suit – $36.99. I ordered this online to see what I thought of the long torso sizing and I do think this one fit me the best of all the one-pieces. The straps are removable and it was very comfortable and supportive.

Kona Sol Lace Detail Suit – $39.99. This is way out of my normal comfort zone but I love it! Once I tied it tight, it held everything in well and is a sexy alternative to a bikini.

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