10 Items That You Should Consider Adding to Your Baby Registry

After 5+ years of parenting, I am definitely not an expert but I do know two things – 1. Kids will always be hungry for Goldfish and 2. I should have registered for more car seats. There are tons of “Registry Must Have” lists out there, but there are several items that often get overlooked that I wish I had registered for:

*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something after clicking on one of my links, I will be given a small commission.

1. Convertible Car Seats (Yes, More than One!) – You’ve probably already registered for an infant seat and a base or two. But have you added a convertible car seat? You might as well ask for two if you have two cars. (One thing I never realized until becoming a parent is just how many car seats you need!).

My favorite is the Graco4Ever – you could use this for a newborn as well (it works for kids 5-90lbs) but in all likelihood you will want to use the infant seat for 6-9 months to avoid having to get the baby out of the car seat when you arrive somewhere.

2. Step2 Cruiser – Inevitably your child will reach a stage where they will consider getting strapped into their stroller to be the worst thing that you have ever done to them. But they also aren’t responsible enough to walk on their own. Enter “the blue car” as we call it.

Ours has been used about 100 times in the last 5 years, and the handle can be folded down to fit it in your trunk.

3. Beaba Babycook – If you’re interested in making your own baby food, this machine is clutch!

All you need to do is cut up your fruit/vegetable into large chunks and the machine will both steam the food and puree it.

4. Green Toys Bath Boats – These are my favorite bath toys because they are fun for the kids to play with, they hold up incredibly well and they can even be used to make washing their hair fun.

(Somehow getting water poured on you is slightly more tolerable when it is coming from a boat).

5. Pacifier Clips – after bringing pacifier wipes with me for the longest time, I realized – Wait, wouldn’t it be easier if I could just prevent the pacifier from falling on the floor?

Well, turns out that paci clips had already been invented for just this reason!

6. Magic Merlin Suit – You’ve probably already registered for either cloth swaddles or the SwaddleMe, but once your baby can roll, you will want the Magic Merlin! It mimics the feel of a swaddle but is okay for babies to use after they know how to roll.


7. Summer Infant Portable Playard (or as it is affectionately known by many moms – “baby jail”). This is so great for that age when your kid can sit up and has maybe started some rolling or crawling but you aren’t quite ready for them to have the run of the house just yet. You can also travel with – it is so good to take to the beach!


8. Indestructibles (unbreakable books) – Seriously, your child cannot rip these. Or chew the corners off (which is sadly what happens to a lot of board books). They can even go in the bath!


9. Dohm White Noise Machine – These are especially great if you have a small house where noise carries like I do. I also bring ours on trips so that my daughter can go to sleep better in unfamiliar surroundings.


10. Skip Hop Diaper Changing Station – Unfortunately, a lack of changing tables means you will have to change your baby on a bathroom floor more often than you would think. This is a good quick kit to bring with you in your bag so that you have something for them to lay on that also holds diapers and wipes.

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