Target Try-On: Get a $10 Gift Card when You Spend $50!

ETA: Current promo is 30% off women’s clothing.

If you’ve been eyeing clothes at Target – now is a good time to buy something! You will get a $10 gift card for spending $50+ on apparel or a $25 gift card for spending $100+ on apparel.

Below are a few sweaters, dresses and coats that caught my eye:

New Day Sleeveless Dress – $24.99 (online it is only $18.73 and it is also available in Royal Blue and Red). This is a great deal and was very stretchy and comfortable. The top seemed a little too loose on me in the XL, but I worry that the L might be too snug on the bottom half.

New Day Menswear Blazer – $34.99. The pattern on this is very pretty in person and it seems to be a good quality material. The smallest size they had was 16 so that was what I tried on. It was more oversized than I’d like so I’d probably get this in 12 or 14.

Who What Wear Striped Sweater – $36.99. I loved this and it is very soft (it feels similar to chenille). I also love the bow detail on the back!

New Day Velour Cami – $14.99 (or $14.24 online). This was my favorite piece that I tried on because I could wear this instead of a plain black cami to dress up an outfit for work or a holiday party. The only size they had for me to try on was XXL and it was pretty roomy. I’d buy this in either L or XL.

New Day Scalloped Hem Sweater – $27.99. This was gorgeous on the hanger but just didn’t do anything for me when I put it on. I tried on the XL and it was still shorter than I would prefer.


Ava & Viv Flower Sweatshirt – $29.99. The embroidery of this was very pretty and goes around to the back of the sweatshirt as well. I tried this on in 1X but I think the X would fit me better.

New Day Coat – $64.99. This was my favorite coat that I tried on by far! I had plenty of room in the Large to wear a sweater underneath and I love the gold hardware. It is a good “Look for Less” of the J. Crew Chateau coat ($300 less as a matter of fact!)

New Day Plaid Coat – $69.99 I like the pattern and colors of this but didn’t feel like the material looked all that nice. It almost seemed more like wearing a fleece robe.

New Day Camel Wrap Coat – $69.99. This was just okay to me once I put it on. It seemed like nice material but I’m not sure if the style did much for me. This is the Large but I think I would need XL for more room in the chest.

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