Holiday Gift Guide #1: Beauty Product Edition

I am trying to be thoughtful and deliberate with my 2018 Gift Guides, because – just like all of you – I hate seeing a “gift guide” with a bunch of links to random candles and whiskey stones when the blogger doesn’t own any of the items or regularly shop from any of those websites. So, today is the 1st Edition of “Gift Guides Filled With Items That I Actually Have Experience With/Own Myself!” (Makeup Edition):

*This post contains affiliate links. I will be given a small commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of my links.


Tatcha Skincare (Tatcha Bestsellers; Tatcha Moisturizer and Cleanser Duo)

I am obsessed with Tatcha products! I was terrible about taking care of my skin before I wa gifted the Tatcha Bestsellers – but the way they make my skin look and feel actually motivates me to wash my face (this is saying a lot, trust me). The Moisturizer and Cleanser is a steal at $25!


I love Benefit Porefessional, it really does smooth things out and make your pores look smaller. I wear it under my CC cream. You can also get a Mini version that comes in an ornament for $13 here.


You can also buy the Porefessional along with Benefit’s super popular Hoola bronzer in the Bang Beauty Blowout Set for only $15. This bronzer is on my wish list!


The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner has been my favorite for years, and I don’t see that changing any time soon! It is great for a gift since it might be more than someone wants to spend on themselves.


I am not usually a big lip balm person, but I do love the Fresh Sugar tinted balms (in every color – even the darkest one is really not that dark). This set is a great gift for any woman, regardless of her beauty routine.


This Too Faced Kit is on my wishlist because – while I haven’t personally used this mascara – I have heard from about 50 different people that it is their favorite beauty product ever. Plus it’s only $12, which is a great price point to just try it out.


If you know of anyone who loves baths, these Philosophy Holiday Shower Gels are great – I personally love the Candy Cane one and my kids do too! You can also buy this set which has both bath products and skincare products.

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