Rothy’s Review

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen a lot of Facebook ads for Rothy’s flats and they sound pretty great (they are sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles and can be put in the washing machine!). However, they are also $145 – sticker shock!

I finally pulled the trigger because they were running a promo for October that if you bought a pair, they would also donate a pair to a friend or family member going through treatment or who is a breast cancer survivor.

I got the classic black pointy flats in an 11.5 (I’m normally an 11 but heard I should size up). I ended up exchanging those for a 12 because the point of the flats felt snug in the 11.5 (and I have heard that the fabric doesn’t stretch out much).

I have been wearing them for a few days straight now and I am in love! No more buying $30 flats every 4 months until they either a. Stretch out and are too big to wear anymore or b. Get stinky.  Also, I made the mistake of wearing these out to a very muddy pumpkin patch and they didn’t look great when I got home. I threw them in the washer on Cold/Delicate and let them air dry. They looked brand new when I was done! I am officially impressed.

*You can click here to get $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s. This is a referral link and I also get $20 for anyone who signs up through this and purchases a pair.

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