Reader Request: A Royal Affair

DRESS ME! I’ve got a fundraising auction for the officer spouses’ club scholarship fund. The theme is “A Royal Affair”. I remember discussing it vaguely a few months ago (I’m on a committee; yay.) so I think the idea is gowns or at least cocktail with a hat/fascinator. How would you Markle me up!? :)”

This is so fun! I would likely go with RTR as well, since you won’t have too many occasions to wear a gown again.  I think that if you wear a long gown, you wouldn’t need a ton of accessories, but it would be fun to do some glam earrings. But if you do a shorter gown, you could definitely do a fascinator!

These are my favorite that remind me of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s styles:

Green Floral Lace Gown – $75 – $85

Cobalt Sweetheart Gown – $90 – $100

Navy Sweetheart Gown ($80) or Navy Jolene Dress ($60) + Fascinator

To Love Again Gown ($60 – $90) + Statement Earrings

Nha Kahn West Dress ($40 – $50) + Fascinator

Romantic Ride Gown ($50 – $80) or Navy Lace Sleeve Gown ($105)




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