My First Ever Torrid Try On

I have never actually tried anything on at Torrid – which I am now kicking myself over because everything there was so great! For reference I am 5’11” and a size 12(ish). My butt/hips are more like a 14 so I sometimes am this in-between size where regular sizes will be too tight in that area but 1X is often too big.

*Basically everything I tried on at Torrid was a 00 (00 = 10, 0 = 12, 1 = 14, etc), or a 10 or 12 for pants. I noted the sizes below.

This cactus top is a 00 and was on clearance for only $15. The pants are the black Jeggings in a 12T. They fit really well once I got them on but I really struggled to get them over my feet (I do wear a Size 11 so maybe my feet were just too big?). I also tried it on with this olive cardigan (Size 00).

This plaid top was also on clearance and very cute but just a little big on me, and I own a lot of plaid already. There is a similar one here.

This top had a squirrel print and was SO cute. They only had a 0, which was too loose or else I would have totally bought this. I paired it with this cream cardigan (00) which I bought because it was so cozy and goes with everything.

This denim top was actually a 1 and seemed to fit smaller than their other tops, I think this was the right size for me if I wanted to tie the bottom.

This camo top isn’t my usual style but I actually ended up buying it – camo is still very on-trend and I loved that this was camo in a dressier fabric.

I loved these boyfriend jeans and this cage tank! The jeans can be worn either cuffed or not and they are SO comfy! I tried them on in a 12R but the saleswomen suggested I size down to 10R because these had room in the waist and they will stretch out.

This dress (00) was such a pretty print but just a little short on me and I don’t love the cold shoulder..

This dark orange floral dress (00) was gorgeous and very comfortable.

This dress was also very flattering and comfortable, but I didn’t end up buying any dresses just because I have so many floral dresses already.

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