My Favorite Amazon Clothing Finds

I never used to think of Amazon as a place to buy clothes but I have gotten some pretty good stuff there lately! Below are my favorites, and pics of me in them if I have them:

(1) Hotapei Striped Maxi ($23 – $27): Very comfortable and true to size. I am 5’11” and wearing a Large for reference. If you are shorter you may need to knot the bottom.

(2) Alexander & David Pullover Sweater ($27) – this is actually the same Dreamers sweater I have bought at online boutuques for $40+ and is hands-down my favorite sweater out there. Runs big, sizing is S/M and M/L.

(3) OUGES Wrap Maxi ($29 – $32 – comes in a ton of patterns). Fits true to size, I am wearing a Large.

(4) Cocoship Two Piece Peplum Swimsuit ($27) – I bought this according to the size in parantheses as opposed to my usual size Large. I got XXL which they said is equivalent to 10/12.

(5) Vintage Sailor Pin Up Swimsuit ($30) – This is my favorite swimsuit as far as being incredibly comfortable and also full coverage. I also wore it while pregnant.

(5) Cocoship Black Swimsuit ($27) – this is a great basic black suit which doesn’t ride up and works for people who are taller or have longer torsos.

(6) Prive Revaux “The Artist” Sunglasses ($30)- I have had these for over a year now with no problems.

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