Custom Dresses for Affordable Prices

As someone who is tall, I often find dresses I love but they are just too short. I also love short-sleeve dresses but have a hard time finding those as well. If you can’t seem to find what you want in a traditional store, check our eShakti!* It has been around for several years but sometimes I feel like it doesn’t get the love it deserves.

Essentially EShakti has a ton of different dresses that can be customized – you can add sleeves, you can add (or take away) length, you can change the neckline, etc. They also allow you to order your dresses by providing them your measurements so you know it will fit perfectly! Here are just a few styles I love (I gravitate towards their fun retro prints but they have tons of other options too!):

Lemon Embellished Poplin Dress – $64.95 (this reminds me of Draper James but so much more affordable!)

Star Print Georgette Midi Wrap Dress – $44.95

Oversized Bloom Maxi Dress – $44.95

Striped Georgette Sundress – $38.95

Dragonfly Print Crepe Dress – $41.95

Lobster and Crab Tie Neck Dress – $41.95

Elliptical Hem Cotton Knit Shift Dress – $49.95

Cotton Knit Midi Wrap Dress – $49.95

*As a new customer you can get a $35 credit towards your first purchase!

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