Prime Wardrobe Try-On

If you haven’t heard of Prime Wardrobe, it is Amazon’s new clothing try-on service where you can get clothes shipped to you to try-on and send back whatever you don’t want. The best part is that there is no “styling fee” or shipping fee for it to get send to you or to send the clothes back. You just need to have a Prime membership!

In order to search for eligible clothing items, just click on “Filter” and click on the box that says “Prime Wardrobe.” Add everything you are interested in to your box and it will be on your doorstep in 2 days. Once you’ve decided what to keep/return you go into Your Orders on your account and check “Keep” or “Return” on each item. You will then be charged for whatever you are keeping and will need to return the rest within 7 days of when your box arrived.

I decided to use Prime Wardrobe to find a dress for an upcoming wedding because I always get nervous about the possibility of something not fitting or being out of stock when I use Rent the Runway. Here is what I tried on and links to all the dresses:

Lark and Ro Ponte Scalloped Dress – $69 (this is a Large and it fit well but I think I’d want some Spanx for it to look a little better around my midsection)

Lark and Ro Jacquard Dress – $84 (Size XL) I can’t believe how well this fit since shift dresses don’t usually work for my body type. I think the material would be too hot for a summer wedding in Vegas but I’m keeping my eye on it for another occassion.

Maggy London Fit and Flare – $158 (Size 14) This one just doesn’t make sense for this particular wedding but was very pretty!

Taylor Pink Floral Dress – $68.97 (Size 12) – This is not cotton, its actually a very comfortable and stretchy material (a 10 would have also fit me fine in this). I loved it so much but it just wasn’t quite dressy enough.

London Times Fit and Flare (Size 10) – this one was very pretty but it just didn’t stand out to me as being so special that I wanted to pay a lot for it.

Nicole Miller High-Low Dress (Size 12 – $128) – This was the winner! I wish the lighting was better in my picture so you could see just how gorgeous the color of this is. It also is a very flattering shape without it clinging anywhere or being too short on me. And it’s dressy but also summery!

I ended up picking the blue dress because I think its best for the occassion but honestly I loved all of them! I would definitely use Prime Wardrobe again!

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