Target Finds: Accessories, Shoes and Work Wear

I decided to look at accessories, shoes and work clothes at Target this time, since I haven’t gotten the chance to look at either of those in quite awhile. There were SO many cute bags and shoes I wanted but I kind of struck out on the work clothes. Here’s what I found:

Mossimo Weekender Bag – $34.99 (I wanted this so bad but I have so many bags already)

New Day Colorblock Tote – $24.99

New Day Scalloped Clutch – $21.99

Tropical Straw Purse – $24.99

Palm Leaf Laser Cut Purse – $29.99

Dolce Vita Espadrilles – $24.99

Universal Thread Booties – $32.99

New Day Sandals – $19.99

Pearl Slides – $19.99

Dolce Vita Slides – $22.99 (I tried these on and thought they were true to size and comfortable)

Universal Thread Criss Cross Slides – $22.99 (I wanted these badly but they were about a half size too small on me).

Mossimo Ona Flats – in store these are only $5!

New Day Wrap Dress (L) + New Day Cardigan (XL) – this was just too low cut of a v-neck for work in my opinion. But otherwise it was very cute and comfortable! And I like the little shrug cardigan, it was very lightweight.

Xhilaration Plus-Size Polka Dot Dress (X) – I love that this had a snap to keep the neckline together but the length seemed awkward to me (I’m 5’11” and I’m really not sure if this is meant to be a maxi or a midi).

Who What Wear Button Up (XL) +Who What Wear Stretch Pants (12) – the blouse was cute but I couldn’t really figure out if it was too big or meant to fit that way. The pants are very stretchy and comfortable but I’m just not a big fan of work pants that don’t have a true waistband – I just felt like they were not doing me any favors in the stomach/butt area and I would only feel comfortable wearing them with a longer top.

New Day Romper (XL) – obviously this isn’t for work but I’m always looking for a romper that fits me well since I am much bigger on bottom than on top. This was so cute but I just couldn’t figure out what to wear under it with the open back.

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