Mother-Son Matches!

I am the first to admit that pickings are slim out there for mommy/son matching clothes. So I decided to scour the internet and see what I could find, because seriously who doesn’t love matching their kids every once in awhile? Some of these are true sets/matches while others are just two items that I think look plenty similar enough to be a “match.”

Royal and Reese’s Jana Kramer Collection:

dream big

Dream Big Mama Tee + Dream Big Little Dude Tee


Audra Joggers + Boys Black Joggers (I think the women’s joggers run small, I got a 1X and they are fitted on me).

Target’s Oshkosh Collection:


Women’s Palm Print Dress + Kids Palm Print Tee (sold out online but available in stores)


Women’s Volcano Print Dress + Kids Volcano Print Polo

leaf print

Women’s Leaf Bikini or Plus Size Leaf Bathing Suit + Kids Swim Trunks

Old Navy: (click here for their entire Mom & Son section)


Women’s Chambray Shirt + Baby Chambray Shirt


Palm Print Tee + Palm Print Shorts Outfit



Mother-Son Hawaiian Luau Outfits (click here for more patterns, and if you search Hawaii Hangover on Google, you will see several additional options)



Mommy & Me Harem Rompers



Matching Seersucker Skirts/Dresses for Women and Shorts for Boys – this shop has a lot of different fabrics to choose from, and sizes for women, men, boys and girls. More info on the various items can be found if you scroll down in this listing.


Mommy & Me Gingham Rompers (for boys and girls)


Mother-Son Sailboat Shorts and Skirt


Fourth of July Tanks


Mommy and Me Target Shirts

DIY Mommy & Me “Matches”:

navy stripe

Mom Stripe Tee + Baby Striped Tee


Women’s Shortalls + Toddler Shortalls


Women’s Jean Jacket + Toddler Jean Jacket








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