Where Can I Buy: A Gift for a New Baby

I will say this right off the bat: if you are attending a baby shower with a registry, then of course it makes the most sense to get something off of that list. There are so many practical items that are needed for new babies! However, for second, third, fourth babies, there likely isn’t a registry or shower but you still would like to get something. Or maybe you just want to get a little something for the baby after they are born.

For those occasions, I just wanted to share some brands that moms love but may not always want to splurge on themselves.  (I personally would always buy things in 6 months or larger and of course include a gift receipt).  All of these brands also sell sizes for toddlers and big kids if you’re looking for a gift for a not-so-new baby!

Monica & Andy: This brand has so many adorable patterns for sleepers, pants, shortalls, etc. and is a great option if you need to find something gender neutral.  They are also certified organic.


I personally love their shortalls for summer babies – one easy piece, so cute and only $22!

Janie & Jack: This brand is owned by the same parent company that owns Gymboree, but it is a higher price point and tends to be dressier items.


For new babies, they have a lot of great outfits; but I am also really partial to their swimsuits because they are just too cute for words.

Royal & Reese: This brand is all hand-drawn and made in the U.S. Their leggings are very stretchy and run larger while their tops run true-to-size. I usually buy my tops in my daughter’s true size and my leggings one size smaller.




They start their clothing at 6-9 months and have lots of outfits for both boys and girls.*

*If you have never ordered from them before message them on Instagram or on their “Royal and Reese VIP” Facebook page and you can get a really great “newbie” discount! If you have ordered before, you can still always use VIP20 for 20% off.

Magnetic Me: If there is one thing I know about new moms, it is that they are frustrated by snap-up pajamas! Magnetic Me makes magnetic clothing and their footies are such a great gift for a new mom.



I think their stuff runs a little on the small side as an FYI.

Hanna Andersson: Hanna has really great PJs and a lifetime warranty on all their clothes if they ever have something like a broken zipper, even if it is years later.



The pajamas are a great gift because you know they will be worn regardless of what season the baby is born in (with outfits, it is always hard to figure out what the weather will be when a baby is wearing a certain size of clothing, so pjs are always a safe bet!).




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