Target Try-On: Dress Edition

I apologize for my lack of makeup or shoes that go with dresses – but this is the reality of trying on clothes quickly while also watching a baby. 🤷‍♀️

1. A New Day Floral Maxi – $24.99 (I’m 5’11” and I don’t love the length but I do love the color and pattern). Can’t find this one online yet but will update when I do (same with a lot of others, I think they come online later than when they are released in store).

2. A New Day White Floral Dress – $24.99 (I loved the pattern but I didn’t love how the top fit on me).

3. A New Day Floral Dress – $27.99 – such a pretty pattern but just way too short on me. If this were longer I would be all over it!

4. A New Day Palm Maxi – $27.99 – I just didn’t feel like this pattern and style were flattering on my body shape.

5. Who What Wear Black Maxi – $34.99 – I liked this but I worried it would be too hot and I just wasn’t sure what I’d wear it to.

6. Chambray Dress $27.99. I like the shape of this and the front pockets but not the sleeves.

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