Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Edition

Every year, I struggle the most with men’s gifts.  I know generally what my husband, dad, and brother like but they are not necessarily things that translate to easy gift buying (I cannot possibly pick out a golf club for someone; and my brother doesn’t seem to understand that protein powder doesn’t make for a great Christmas gift).  Below are some things I have found that I think would be perfect for the guys in your life (and as always, everything is under $50):


Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers – $24.50, Uncommon Goods


Beanie with Built-in Bluetooth – $26 (there are a lot of similar products on Amazon but this one appears to be the best reviewed)


Neck Massage Pillow – $38, Amazon (my husband got this same one for Christmas last year and loves it!)


Phone Storage Workout Bottle – $14.99, Uncommon Goods


Harry’s Shave Set – $25, J. Crew


Lump of Coal Soap – $13.50 for a set of 3, West Elm


Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener – $22, Uncommon Goods


NCAA Polyfleece Pants – $17.99, Woot


Universal Wooden Docking Station – $39, Amazon (I may need to get this for my husband, I feel like he needs one central place for his keys, phone, wallet, etc)


101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes – $5.99, Amazon


Flannel Sleep Pants for Men – $22.99, Old Navy (I love the gingerbread ninjas!)


Magnetic Wristband (for holding screws, bits, etc.) – $16.99, Amazon (my FIL is a mechanic and I think this might be perfect for him)




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