Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Mom Friends

Gift Lists for Moms are always tough because obviously no two moms are the same. But I tried to pick out the items that would be a hit with my friends who have little kids – not too surprisingly, many are wine-related.

  1. Mommy Drink Coasters – $12 for a set of 4 (Etsy)


2. Novelty “Bring Me Some Wine” Socks – $13.67, Etsy


3. Bathtub Caddy – $33.96, Amazon

81je1o2pVkL._SL1500_.jpg4. Carpool & Cocktails Coffee Mug – $12, Etsy


5. IPhone Charger Keychain, $8.99, Amazon


6. Textured Pocket Open Cardigan, $36, LOFT (with code HAPPY)


7. Mom Life Adult Coloring Book – $8.09, Amazon


8. Crazy for Clay Face Mask Set – $22, Sephora



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