Cat & Jack Outfits for the Littles

(1) Oh Deer!: Top; Leggings

2. X for Xylophone: Top; Leggings

3. Love will Light the Way: Top; Leggings 

4. Hearts & Stripes: Top; Leggings

5. Cocoa Party – Top; Leggings

6. Geometric Snowflake – Top; Leggings

7. Out of this World: Top; Leggings

7. Pencil Me In: Sweater; Leggings

8. Unicorns: Top; Leggings

I love Cat & Jack clothes, but I always get overwhelmed when I shop for their clothes in the store because they seem to have leggings and tees that don’t match up to one another – or, at the very least, the matching pants and tops aren’t put near each other. So I dug around a little online to pair tops/leggings together for girls (and I can do the same for boys if people are interested).  You can’t beat the prices – these outfits range from $8 – $15 total!

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