Just bought this bag for my mom for Christmas.  She loves Kate Spade to death.  And she’s been bummed about not having a cute bag to put her laptop in for the plane flight to Vegas.  So I’m letting her have it early for Vegas and then taking it back and wrapping it up for Christmas – it’s a thing we do, she’s doing the same thing for a sweater she got me at the ND bookstore last month.  I loved it so she said xmas present but then I said I needed it for the Utah game. 

Anyway, I had been looking for a cute bag for her and when I saw this in an email from the outlets I just fell in love.  It doesn’t have an enclosure at the top so I’m going to attach two large magnetic snaps inside by the handles at the top. I’m excited.  And if she hates it [she won’t] I already told The Captain I was keeping it for myself and we’d get her something else. 

I totally thought about getting this last time I was at the Kate Spade outlet – it is so cute! But I have gotten so many new purses lately and I really needed a wallet, so I got that instead. Sigh. It’s a tough life I lead 😉

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