Okay, so I swear that I really wasn’t going to buy a new dress for this wedding Saturday. But then I saw the red silk flutter dress was on sale for 1/3 of the original price. And the only size left fit me so well. And I really needed to buy a new red dress to convince me to get rid of the two current red dresses I own, both cheap dresses I bought in college. So, yeah, I bought it. Above are pictures I found of the dress styled in different ways.

But now I need help accessorizing – I saw so many pretty necklaces at LOFT, but I think they were all too fancy for this wedding (at a farm in rural New Hampshire, ceremony is outside, reception under a tent – gravel dance floor, so high heels may be out).

For shoes, I have pretty much all the options out there – black strappy heels, black pumps, nude pumps, gold pumps, silver pumps, silver strappy heels, black flats, black wedges…I can’t think of what else would be a possibility, but suffice it to say I have a lot of options.

For belts that fit around my waist, I have a skinny black patent belt and a thick black patent belt. I would be willing to get a tan or brown belt though, I need one anyways.

Let me know your suggestions for shoes, belts, jewelry, anything – I am at a loss!

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