Outfit of the Day: The Pink Babydoll Dress!

I love this dress. I got it around New Years. It’s really cute with tights, too. 

Dress: I got it at Macy’s. It’s by the designer Kensie who I loveeeee. It was initially over $100 but I got it on sale for around $50. It’s a size 12. I grabbed it off the rack thinking it would never fit but I had to try. It was too damn cute! I zipped it up and it fit like a freakin glove! (It was probably on sale cos it was mis-sized haha!) It’s got an exposed black zipper detail on the back that is adorable. 

Boots: Sketchers $35. So comfy! I love booties.

Studded bow headband: Forever 21 $5.

Black belt: Torrid $20

 What an adorable outfit! I love Kensie!

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