Friends, I’m so happy to let you know that our first iPad app has been approved by Apple and it’s in the app store now. And guess what? It’s the world’s first full-featured Tumblr client! I know, right?!

The iPad was virtually built for browsing Tumblr, and Tumbleroo is the first iPad app for Tumblr. Tumbleroo brings a native feel to your Tumblr adventures that you’ll love. Big colorful photos, full-screen videos, and all the liking and reblogging you can handle.

If you can, please reblog this and help us spread the word! Learn more at!

(via tumblerooapp)

this does not help my frantic desire for an ipad.

 I am dying for there to be a Tumblr app for Droid. They don’t have one, do they?

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