GPOYW: Early Birthday Edition

Wait, is it Wed? Or Thurs? Whatever. 

I usually don’t brag about stuff I buy, it’s tacky, but I got it all on deep discount at the outlets so I thought I’d share.

My new Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Neiman Marcus, Last Call, $100, word.

My Kate Spade clutch, $65 (!!!), marked down from $225 at the Kate Spade outlet. Ask Mere, I’ve been coveting this for a while.

And last and not pictured, I FINALLY found the Marc Jacobs Huge Hillier hobo in black last night. Someone was selling their’s on boondazzle or whatever that new ebay-ish site is called. It looks brand new and I paid like $200 less than retail.

Birthday consumer bingefest complete!

 What an adorable clutch!

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