This recipe for thee Make Ahead Muffin Melts by the Pioneer Woman just looked BEYOND good so I had to share. 

They are pretty much the most easy/foolproof breakfast food to make and I bet anyone you make them for will love you 10x more for it. The great thing is you could probably freeze these too for later. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

These remind me of these AMAZING breakfast muffin cups that Matt’s Mom makes. I’ll have to one day get the official recipe from her (I’ve tried to replicate this and have come close but haven’t HIT the nail on the head quite yet) but once I do, I’ll take pictures and share. They are out of this world delicious. Some nights, I go to sleep dreaming about these. Anyway, until I get the recipe, I leave you with this… a similar variation from one of our FAVORITE food bloggers! 

 They look yummy!

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