divinesecrets asked:

Hi, Jaclyn! I have a bit of a dilemma. I have a couple of job interviews coming up next week (yay!) and I’m not sure what to wear. I wore a suit to my internship interview earlier in the summer, but that was before the heat index was hovering around 105 every day (not even kidding.) The interviews are at a non-profit and a hospital for fundraising type jobs, so I want to look serious but not sweat to death. I have a black blazer, skirt, pants and dress that I can mix around but I feel like I look like I’m heading to a funeral. How can I jazz them up and get noticed but in a good way? Thanks so much!

I get tons of questions about interview outfits! This question is perfect, though, because it illustrates a rut that’s so easy to fall into: black, black, black. For interviews, it’s so easy to grab the stand-by black blazer, trousers or pencil skirt, but how do you spice it up?

Here’s my version of the definitive interview wardrobe (or work wardrobe, for that matter). It’s chic, interchangeable and affordable. Get once piece at a time and you’ll be ready to interview in no time.

With your black blazer, trousers and pencil skirt, add:

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