You know how when you see something, something you don’t have, and you just KNOW that if you had it, if it was in your possession that your whole entire life would be better?  You would be happier, prettier, smarter, more interesting to be around?  How this thing, it is the missing piece that will make you complete?  THIS.  THIS IS IT.  THIS IS THAT PIECE.  Do you know who had this?  Those damned kids with that magical play land in their damned garage.  You know who didn’t have this?  Me.  I didn’t have this.  Thanks for the emotional scars, mom.

There is something about those dishes and ice cream scooper that is just so esthetically pleasing.

imremembering:Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe(Remembered by Aurora and Leslie)

I had it.  If it makes you feel any better, you weren’t missing anything.

I also had it. Fun to look at, but I don’t remember ever making ice cream with it.

 I remember getting the Snack Stand right after my wisdom teeth got pulled. It really did make things a lot better. And ya know what’s insane? This thing currently is selling on Amazon for $170! I think I may still have it – wonder if it’s in good enough shape to make some money off of… Barbie Rollerblade Snack Stand Playset (1992 Arcotoys, Mattel)

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