Let us discuss this…..

What in God’s name was going on with the styling here?

A denim suit AND a wedding cake topper dress.

Far too much for me to take in.

Poor choices, Bachelorette stylists, poor choices.

Unless you are Justin Timberlake and it is year 2000, there is no need for denim on top and bottom….or ever on top for that matter.

And the taffeta pick up dress…..oh Ali…..

ahh i so wanted to post this! ok so i’m not going to blame anyone but jesse for that denim-on-denim, because i’ve seen it reported many times that the girls are responsible for their own cocktail dresses, so i’m sure the boys wear their own clothes too. i didn’t even really mind the denim, just that it seemed inappropriate when every single other person has on AT LEAST a nice shirt, and a tie.

ok but ali. dear god. whyyyyy a gray wedding dress?? it might have been ok without the pick-ups. and if it was super-short. but we’ll never know.

 Reblogged for truth.

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