thenowandthethen asked:

I have a banquet for my social club at my Christian college. Dress code is sadly strictly enforced. Dresses must be knee length with straps that are at least an inch or more. Do you have any affordable suggestions for dresses that will still be stylish and hot? 🙂 Thanks for the help!!

Girl, I hear you. I went to Christian schools growing up and I am ALL TOO familiar with the ridicuballs one-inch straps and knee-length skirt restrictions. Do these schools know how difficult it is to find dresses like that? I was a six foot tall girl trying to find knee length dresses. Even dresses that are supposed to be knee length are at least several inches shorter on my legs. It’s unfair and can get expensive, too! It’s easier to find dresses like this than it used to be when I was in high school, but it’s still a challenge to feel stylish and hot when wearing something more matronly.

Here is my number one suggestion: go to Nordstrom. Whether you visit the store in person or shop online, Nordstrom has a lot of dresses for under $150 and most meet the restrictions you mentioned. Nordstrom tends to be more conservative than the other major department stores, so you can usually find a bigger selection of dresses there that meet this tough criteria.

Above all, keep your chin up! Soon you will be able to wear whatever you want, whenever you want!

Here’s a little something I put together for your banquet (ahh, banquets, I know thee well). Have fun!! 🙂

jaclyn, this is adorable!

I love the combo of turquoise with pink, it has always been a fave of mine. Love this outfit!

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