Sam Adams Wants to Show You Just How Small It Really Is

In a spot titled “Growing Up Small” from the brewery’s longtime agency, Octopus, it sets out to dispel the notion that it accounts for a significant portion of U.S. beer sales, asking drinkers in a series of documentary-style interviews how big they think Sam Adams’ share is.

Twenty-five percent, guesses one. Huge, says another. At that point, the brand’s actual market share flashes across the screen: 0.9%.

It’s not every day companies spend their media budgets heralding their general puniness, but it’s not a good time to be a major player or seen as one in the beer industry. Virtually every premium brand with the scale to be perceived as mainstream — Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Corona Extra and Heineken Lager — saw sales declines last year, and Samuel Adams — while boasting a fraction of those brands’ total sales — is nearly as ubiquitous.

i’ve worked on a few sam adams projects, and i must say, i really love their campaigns

i love that the brewers and jim koch are actually in the commercials, and i love that the commercials are filmed by a sam adams’ employee on a normal video camera

i just think they are really great, and represent the brand very appropriately

Jim Koch went to Harvard Law (as well as Harvard Business School), so he comes and does a talk on campus every year, where he of course hands out free beer. He seems really nice 🙂

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