Chic on the Cheap: Ann Taylor Fail


I usually love Ann Taylor, but I was really disappointed by what happened when I went there yesterday to try on some suits and other stuff. I went because they advertised that they had 40% off everything, “in stores and online.”

But I went to the store and they said their store was only doing…

I want to preface this post by saying that I’m not an AT spokesperson. 

BUT I work at Ann Taylor and my store is doing 40% off.  I’m located in Memphis, TN.  Every store in the Memphis market is running this promotion.

Sometimes our corporate office runs test promotions in specific markets, just to see how sales are affected by different promotions.  I’m glad you called customer service – believe it or not, the corporate office is really involved in listening to customer feedback.  I am SO sorry to hear that your local store wouldn’t accept your e-mail as a coupon to override your purchase to 40% off instead of 25%.

If you are looking for something that isn’t available online, my store’s phone number is 901-756-7996.  If you can describe the item you’re looking for to us, we can try to find it for you in our store.  If we don’t have it in stock, we can place a style finder order so you can get the correct item for the correct price.  If you order at least one full-priced item using your Ann Taylor card as payment, the shipping is free.  If you’re not using your Ann Taylor card as payment, it’s $7.50 to ship, no matter how many items you order. 

It’s probably going to be unbelievably busy today, so if you end up calling, please don’t feel put off if one of our associates asks for your phone number and promises to call you back. 

The sale is going on tomorrow until close of business.  Again, I’m so sorry to hear about the inconvenience.  Hope this helps.

That’s really helpful, I really appreciate your help. I usually have had great experience with the Customer Service at AT, and everyone at the store I went to was really nice, I think it is just a corporate thing where they should make clear on the site it is only for certain stores. I will absolutely call you guys up if I decide there is something I want to get not on the site 🙂

Chic on the Cheap: Ann Taylor Fail

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