1. Check that headline, USA Today, for fuck’s sake.
  2. I don’t understand why Major League Baseball, which has plenty of sporting goods companies already making their jerseys and t-shirts, has to partner with a fucking lingerie store to make gear geared towards women.  Grand idea: just have one of your t-shirt-making licensees make these fucking t-shirts.

And of course the type of fucking idiot lady who would only buy baseball-themed gear if it was made by Victoria’s Secret is a Cubs “fan.”

This will go perfectly with her pink hat, douchey drunk boyfriend throwing beer at strangers, and complete lack of baseball knowlege! 

How is this news? They’ve been making this stuff for years at Victoria’s Secret (at least the last two for sure).  They even make some college stuff.

Yeah seriously, this is hardly new – though I thought VS stopped doing this line of MLB stuff a few months back? They took it off their site for awhile at least. Perhaps they are bringing it back…

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