OH MAN, you know what I forgot?  It’s getting warm out right now.  And you know what that means?  Cats are fucking.  Those female cats are getting laid, man.  Laid so much that this one cat got knocked up by three different catbros WITHIN ONE LITTER.  And soon, shelters are gonna be up to their ass in mini-mews.  Last year at my shelter was one of the roughest they’ve had, and compounded by the introduction of a trap-neuter-release program for ferals in a nearby park.  So we had piles of kittens AND ferals.

So you might be wondering how you can help these purr muffins, and there is a way!  For one, you can help out with TNR programs in your town so we don’t have an enormous pile of babies to deal with.  But cats are gonna bone and we’re just gonna have to deal with it.  In that case, you can look into foster programs in your area and take in a litter to nurture until they’re old enough to adopt out.  It’s a fun time, I PROMISE.

Best post ever.

My alley is going to be like a feline swingers’ party very soon.  😦

 Cute pictures of kittens = automatic reblog.

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