Finally, I Bought Nude Pumps!

I have been stalking various pairs of nude pumps for months now, since they seem like a fashion staple I ought to own. The ones that seemed perfect were from Ann Taylor:

But even for something I’d likely wear a lot, $155 was a lot for me to stomach, $60 is usually about my shoe limit. So I was waiting until it was March and I would be able to use my coupon, and also for it to be a new month, clothing budget-wise. Then I go on the site and they are down to $99.50, and they still have an 11, yay! I decided I’d give up on the 30% coupon I was waiting until March 8th to use, because I didn’t want them to sell out, and i had a 20% off coupon I could use now anyways. However, the coupon required a $100 minimum purchase. I did the math and realized I could either buy the shoes alone, and with shipping it’d be $112, or I could get the shoes plus this shirt I have been wanting:

And it’d be $114 together, since now I could use the 20% off coupon. I think this shirt is more than worth the $2 difference, and I am SO excited now for both of these to come in the mail!

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