Yes, someone really did pay to put up this highway billboard off of I-35 in Wyoming, Minnesota, and yes, some people are driving by and saying “In fact, George W. Bush, I do miss you!” to themselves.

Because those people are frakkin’ delusional.

(Tweetshot and article via the New York Daily News)

I drive through Wyoming, Minnesota when I’m going to the Twin Cities from my parents’ house in northwestern Wisconsin.  That stretch of I-35 always has at least a few batshit billboards, many featuring babies in adorable costumes trying to sell you on the idea that they look exactly like zygotes and that taking RU-486 is exactly like bayonetting a 2 year old.  This area is pretty close to Michele Bachmann-land (Minnesota’s 6th), so maybe the people who elected her put this billboard up.

My mother-in-law sent this to my husband. Because she seriously misses GWB and thought it was awesome. No joke.

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